The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo Presents:

Islamic Foundations Certificate

Apply to be a student in Pillars Seminary's 2022-2023 class to learn Qur'anic Arabic and the foundational Islamic sciences.

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Classes are held in-person twice a week, two hours each day, in the evenings at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo.

Visionary Curriculum

Our eight-month program is rooted in the classical tradition and in conversation with modernity.


Students will receive a traditional certificate (Ijāzah) upon completion of the program.


Imam Ahmad Deeb, the current Imam of the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, has been trained by some of the greatest scholars of the east and west. He will be conducting Pillars Seminary workshops throughout the year. Ustadh Ismail, the current Associate Imam of ICGT, is the first American to formally receive an 'Alimmiya degree from the traditional Al-Qarawiyyin University in Fes, Morocco. He will be the primary teacher of Qur'anic Arabic and the Islamic sciences each week.

Our Curriculum

An Eight-Month Curriculum that Lasts a Lifetime

Theology (Aqīdah)

Learn the essentials of Muslim creed, including proofs for God's existence, and the major articles of belief through rational and textual evidences rooted in the Qur'an and authentic Sunnah.

Devotional Law (Fiqh)

Understand the essentials of Muslim practice and the detailed rulings concerning the major pillars of worship and devotion such as prayer, fasting, zakat, and hajj.

Spirituality (Tazkiyah)

Develop the tools of the spiritual path, while understanding the make-up of the human being, how one purifies their heart, and the process of authentic religious experience. 

Qur'anic Arabic

Gain a foundation in classical Arabic, with a focus on grammar and morphology, so you can understand the Qur'an in its revealed language.

Expert Seminars

Engage contemporary issues through the tradition with expert seminars on various modern topics. 

Restructure Your Understanding of Faith

Like many, you may have spent years of your life attending seminar after seminar, watching lecture after lecture, and still feeling scattered in your understanding of Islam. The Foundations Certificate helps give you the "pillars" of Islamic learning, allowing you to organize your knowledge into a systematic whole.

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Teaching Methodology and Pedagogy

Engaging Lectures

Learn through organized lessons and presentations that engage multiple learning styles. 

Opportunities for Application

Through homework and regular assessments, as well as real-life examples, one is able to apply knowledge to life.

Communal Learning

You are learning with, and as part of, a local community that supports one another.